ℹ️About Us

Figital is a launchpad for real world assets on blockchain. We're focused on bringing fractional ownership to e-commerce brands.

Team Members

Founder & CEO: Ky Spector

  • Degrees in Accounting and Finance with 6 years of experience in the e-commerce industry.

  • Contact: Twitter | Binance | Discord | LinkedIn

COO: Daniel Medina

  • Degree in international business and 10 years of experience in logistics. He handles all the e-commerce inventory and international expansion.

CRO: Konner Boron

  • Degree in Management with 6 years of e-commerce and brand building experience. He manages the team, e-commerce brands, communications, and reporting.

CMO: Vanessa Ochoa

  • 3 Years of experience on the team. She handles all the content creation and marketing of the e-commerce brands on Amazon.

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